Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lavshuca Melting Eyes BE-01

Summer is here. Finally got a chance to update this blog. It's been awhile again...

Lavshuca has a new line of eyeshadow palette. It's called Melting Eyes. They are all in neutral color tone. Packaging is cute. Why can't the drugstore brands here offer cute packaging like this? Here's it is showing the front:

Here's the step by step instruction on the back:

Wonder how it compares to its other palette. Here's a comparison between  Eye Color Select BR-2. This new palette seems to contain more than before. But how many girls would actually use them all up?? I like the square shape eye shadows rather than irregular shape. Easier to use with sponge tip applicator and with a brush in particular.

Here's a pic with flash:

#1 is not a shimmer white color. It has a golden tone to it. I use it for highlight and inner corners of my eyes.
#2 is the base color in light orange. This line has a hint of shimmer but not sparkly. Just very subtle.Blends well with #1.
#3 light brown color to use for lower eyelid. 
#4 is used as eyeliner or for smokey eye effect.

Here's a swatch:

All colors are pretty pigmented. They feel very silky and easy to blend; quite long lasting. But I feel the BR-2 one lasts longer than this one. Nonetheless, my eyes don't crease at all after using Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance. I guess it's always good to prime your eyes when you use eyeshadows, especially during summer time.
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