Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Nail Polishes Display

I've been using bins from Daiso to store my nail polishes. Generally I use darker shades in the Fall and Winter time, so they are on 1 bin and another bin for lighter colors use in the Spring/Summer time. So I got this to put on my vanity table and display the shades I use currently. I looked up some websites on nail polish displays and they either are too big or too expensive for shipping. Spice rack serves the purpose and it's much cheaper than those nail polish displays on the internet. I stopped by the Container Store as they carry a variety, like plastic or expandable but this caught my eyes.
This is so sleek!! I can't find this on their website but it's around $8. It doesn't hold all the nail polishes but organizing them by color helps me not to overspend. As many of you know, if you like certain colors, you may tend to buy very similar shades (As you can see from the back row- all pastels and pink colors :D). I use the top tier to place my foundations, sunscreen and hair product in case you wonder what's hidden at the back. 


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