Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Lunasol Modeling Cheek - EX01 Soft Pink

Lunasol came out with two limited cheek colors along with their 3 Dimensional Eye Shadows for the Fall 2011 collection. After reading several Taiwanese bloggers on the eye shadows review and swatches, I've decided not to buy them. It's just too pricey for an eye shadow palette and they are mostly neutral tones ($60??? even though it contains 8 colors). For a person who already has a ton of neutral palettes, it's okay to pass their Fall collection. What caught my eyes is their limited blush. It comes in coral and pink (as seen in the pic). I spent about $33 on this. You can purchase the case for about $14 separately but I totally didn't realize until I hit the submit order button. Anyways, I figure I rarely bring a blush out unless I'm on travel, and the product has a sturdy plastic box to hold it, so having a compact case is not so necessary.  Besides, I am glad I didn't spend another $14 just for the case. If I have a few of these, I will consider getting an Unii palette.

I didn't do a swatch because they are pretty light colors. If I swatch it hard on my hand, that will not be a true reflection on how it supposes to look on your cheeks. You suppose to blend the color out and create a natural look. Looks pretty nice for lighter skin tone and I don't know if it will show on darker skin tone. The pearl and beige color on the right have shimmers in it, so they will be good for highlights.


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