Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Got Bad Reactions from Beauty Products? FDA wants to know.

I got an email alert from FDA today. They would take complaints from people who had bad reactions from cosmetics products. If you live outside of the US, this probably does not apply to you. Of all the products I've used in the past, a lot of them would not work even though they said they were for sensitive skin. And now I know what needs to be done besides returning the product to the store. See the link for more details on how to report.

Friday, March 18, 2011

VISEE Glam Shade Eyes

I got two of new VISEE Glam Shade Eyes in PK-1 and PU-7 from Adambeauty for $21 each. I owned one of their single eye shadows year ago and really liked it. Their stuffs usually are pretty good in quality and silky smooth. Personally I like these two new palettes' color combination. Their pigmentations are good and the shadows feel smooth when you apply. Occasionally there may be tiny clumps and need more blending to smooth them out. The shadows have a drier texture compared to the ones from Lavshuca but it's not bad. But if you are used to Lavshuca's ultra silky texture on their newer eye shadows, you may not like how these palettes feel.  Here's a closeup on PK-1 (Note: the lighting is a bit yellow...):

PK-1 has a plum color  with some subtle gold shimmer in the middle. I like this shade because normally I don't have a lot of dark rosy color. Here's a swatch for you under natural lighting:
PU-7 is the another one with darker purple shades.

The shades have some silver shimmer and I like this purple color combination. Just pretty classy looking. Here's a swatch under natural lighting: 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

California Mango

I went to Sally Beauty the other day and saw this California Mango Mango Mend. This is a 1/2 oz tube for $2.99. Its regular size product comes in a big jar. It has a thick orange gel texture and smells very fruity. I can't tell if mango scented but sure smells great.
It  supposes to help with cracked heels or dry feet. I can only do some much with exfoliation but this tube works wonders!! The Korres Guava body butter is pretty moisturizing but not as good as this one when used on the feet. This is a lot moisturizing and nourishing. My feet don't look dry at all and have a glow to it. And you don't need a whole lot to achieve the result. Will get a jar once I'm done with this.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puff de Cheek

Got this blush from Hong Kong. It's the limited edition Majolica Majorca PK301. This limited edition has 4 different colors and I picked this one. The other ones look a bit bright for me. You can purchase online for around $16 or so.

Packaging is quite cute. Open you opened it, a puff is placed on the top. I don't use this but a brush instead to apply. If you like using it, the puff is in pretty good quality.

A plastic film is placed to separate the puff and the blush. It's more sanitary that way. If you intend to use the puff for application, better keep that plastic film on. It may pick up some oil or other products from your face, and the plastic film will help keep the product from absorbing all the residue from the puff...
The color is pinkish but has coral undertone to it. It's almost like a neon pink but not quite. If you look at this in different lighting, the blush color may appear more orange. It has a matte finish with no shimmer on.
The product is not as pigmented as I'd like it to be. It gives a rather sheer glow. Just reminds of the MAC blushes. It's not a must buy item but if you like cute packaging, I think it's okay to buy.
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