Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swatches & Review: Chanel Fall 2011 Illusion D' Ombre ~ 85 Mirifique

Chanel Illusion D' Ombre is Chanel's Fall 2011 long wear luminous eye shadow collection. It comes in 6 colors. Each costs $36. Very pricey but its texture is something quite unique compared to other cream eye shadows I've tried. When I purchase things now, they have to be something I don't have and relatively unique. I don't purchase the entire line of products just to collect and stock them. 

I got 85 Mirifique, which is a black cream eye shadow with fine sliver glitters. The Chanel sales manager at Nordstrom highly recommended this coz I was contemplating about 83 Illusoire and this. It comes in a glass jar, engraved with the Chanel logo and contains 4g of products. I don't know if I will ever use up this eye shadow. It does have a 12 month expiration date once you opened it. 
I didn't use flash on my pictures but you can still see the sliver glitters from the jar. The shadow comes with a brush. I must say this brush is the best one I've used so far for drawing lines.
The brush is about 3.5 inches long when you remove the cap and attach to the end of the brush. When you close the cap, it's 2 1/8 inches long. It's pretty compact if you need to carry this with you and do some touch up. For me, this stays home coz I will lose it if I carry it around.

Let me also show you a comparison between this brush and the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush, so you have an idea how compact this is.
And here's the swatches ( the bottom line is 1 swipe to show you when apply as an eye shadow and I've reapplied twice on the top as a liner):
This eye shadow is not an intense black; rather sheer but yet can build to the color you need. If you use a cotton swab to swatch it at the counter, you may think it's a very intense black. Anyways, you can control how intense you want it to be. I've used it both as an eye liner and as an eye shadow. Just a dab will do. Be careful of fall outs though. You may want to put a tissue on your under eye area when you apply. It's long wear and I've tried wearing it without NARS shadow primer and could last for about 3-4 hours without any crease. For my oily lids, I would use an eye shadow primer just to be safe and keep the color vibrant and long lasting throughout the day. 

Btw, after I used this for a week, I couldn't resist and ordered 83 Illusoire as well... ;)


Rainy Days and Lattes said...[Reply to comment]

This eye shadow is amazing. I bet it makes a gorgeous smokey eye :) It's hard for me to use these types of eye shadows because they won't last long on my eyelids, but like you said, a primer most likely should help :)

Stella said...[Reply to comment]

@Rainy Days and Lattes

Maybe you can try it at the counter and see if it works for you. :)

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