Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cheap Cleansing Solution - Cleansing Express Agecare

For removing makeup, I use cleansing solution. Generally only buy the ones without oil and don't need to shake. I don't like cleansing oil coz they are kinda oily for me. And I can't use any cleansing foam, just irritates my sensitive skin even more. I've done a comparison over a year ago on Bioderma, Vichy, and Aquamoist. You can view it here. I saw this Cleansing Express solution at the Japanese grocery store the other day for $14. They have various kinds, like for oily skin, moisturizing and this caught my eyes coz it says Q10 on it. It's produced by Mandom Beauty. The bottle contains 300ml. I have the Lancome one but will review that later. I prefer this to the Lancome one though.
 Here's how the back looks like with ingredients description.
 After removing the packaging film, the bottle looks pretty nice. 
The pump is kinda skinny but I don't press too hard coz may pump more than what I would need. I just use cotton pad and wipe my makeup off. 
Cleansing power is great. I use Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara and Mac Waterproof PowerPoint pencil and did not have any trouble taking them off. I just pad on my eye for about 5 seconds and wipe maybe once or twice, and everything just come right off. It does say you don't need to rinse but I rinse it off with some water and pad my face dry. This solution has no fragrance and it's pretty gentle. I have no irritation from using this. Would repurchase this for sure!


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