Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Return of Hard Candy

Hard Candy is now available at selected Walmart. There's not one closed to home, so ordered a few on their website. Back row starting from the left: Hot Pants nail polish ($5), Mr. Wrong nail polish ($5), and creamy eyeshadow in Queenie ($5). The front is the liquid eyeliner named "walk the line" ($6). It's a light gray eyeliner.

I like painting my nails, so probably I am more excited about getting these two nail polishes more than anything else. Each comes with a plastic ring. Gotta take it off before applying the nail polish, or else will make a mess. Here is the swatch:

From the right:
  • Right - Mr. Wrong: a dark shimmery blackish gray. I like the color. Very cool.
  • Middle - Hot Pants - It's a glitter nail polish with a hint of purple color. I put a coat on first and then added 2 more coats towards the tip. Very sheer color and you can't really tell unless you put several layers on.
  • Left - I put a coat of Mr. Wrong first and then add a coat of Hot Pants to the top. Looks pretty nice I think. I just need to grow my nail longer. :D
Moving to the creamy eyeshadow - Queenie, here's a swatch:

It's very glittery and is a gel like shadow. The eyeliner is alright. It's not very pigmented but glides on well. 

 The liquid eyeliner color is kinda light. I've heard nice things about the eyeliner being able to stay on for awhile. I just need to find a color combination that will work with this eyeliner and give that a try...


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