Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dior Eye Essentials Set

A good friend of mine got me the Dior Eye Essentials set for my birthday. So generous of her!! It comes with a notebook, a sample size Diorshow mascara, and an eye shadow palette. Here's the box:

The box contains the Dior 5 Colour Designer Eye Shadow Palette in 508 and the Dior Diorshow mascara:

Here's the back of the eye shadow palette with ingredients and instructions on how to put it on. One thing to notice is that this palette is made in Japan instead of France. Either way is cool coz personally I own a lot of Japanese cosmetics products.

Inside the box, the shadows come with a velvet case cover as their usual packaging and a colored written instruction in different languages.

Here's the case for the palette. I only own one other eye shadow palette from Dior and the case looks different. Anyways, I kinda like the CD logo hidden as the background.

Once you open it up, a plastic film showing what each compartment is.

Took a picture with flash. Notice the top right hand corner color is very shimmery. I love. I love.

Here's a swatch of each color without flash and in natural light. Keys are in reference to the plastic film as shown earlier:

The texture is very silky and smooth; different than the other Dior palette I have which feels relatively dry. #5 is a gel liner and it glides on well. I can't say much about staying power because with my oily lid, I always use an eyeshadow primer to make the eye shadows stay longer. I use NARS eye shadow primer and stayed all day. This palette probably is good for folks with lighter skin tone. Looks pretty natural because most colors blend in with my face.


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