Thursday, August 26, 2010

HadaLabo Gakujyun Moisturizing Cream

A friend of mine sent me a HadaLabo gakujyun moisturizing cream. HadaLabo is one of top Japanese drugstore brands and their products are good for moisturizing. My friend has the same sensitive dry skin as me and said it's working well on her skin, so I give it a try. Packaging is pretty simple. Nothing fancy and the price is very affordable, around $13. It doesn't contain any fragrance or mineral oil, so which is a plus. This can be purchased via Sasa in case you wonder where to get it.

This moisturizing cream is quite light and moisturizing. However, with the weather here in the US, it's probably not enough when use alone. I put a serum before using this and works pretty well.


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