Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First Inglot Purchase

I was surfing on youtube and came across Inglot Cosmetics. It's from Poland and the price is very reasonable. There's no store located at where I live, so I just went online and bought a few to try because it's very difficult to see what I was buying. They have full range of colors and depending on your computer screen, colors maybe off. So online buyers beware.

I've placed an order online. They never sent out an email confirmation with tracking to my email. On their website, my account didn't show they've already shipped the products out. I waited for about 10 days.

I could feel the stuffs inside were moving around as I carried the package. When I opened the box, the eye shadows were just inside the box loosely. For cosmetics mail orders, it's very important for the company to wrap their products and ensure products don't move around. I consider that as standard business practice! 
And guess what, after all the transportation and moving around inside the box, some of my eye shadows fell off from the tin. I'm very annoyed. For a brand new product to have a fall out like this due to poor packaging, I am quite upset...
Top row from the left: AMC Shine40, AMC Shine 43, AMC Shine07
Bottom row from the left: AMC 73, Pearl 420
Sorry I don't know what AMC stands for as the company did not send me any description about their products... Each shadow costs $5. if you purchase 10 or more, each shadow will cost $4.50.
The company is famous for its Freedom System. Basically they have various empty palettes to hold their eyeshadows or blushes. You can pick and choose what you like and fill up the palette. I got the 5 square eye shadow one. The package is pretty good with a heavy duty magnetic cover. This was originally $10 but somehow there's a discount for $5.
To open, it's better to slide from one side and it will just slip right off.
Sorry forgot to take a picture before I swatched the shadows. They are highly pigmented and very soft. 
I like the middle Pearl 420 the most. Below are the swatches:
I don't think I will repurchase from them online simply because they have too many colors to choose from. Since I didn't get any brochure from them and their packaging may potentially damage their products, it's very difficult for me to buy from them again. If there's a store near you, it's probably better to check out in person because I think the overall purchase experience will be much better. 


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