Friday, December 18, 2009

Playing with Eye Makeup 1

I don't know about you. But when I'm kinda bored, I like to play with makeup at home. Here's what I used:

Eye Shadows I used: Mac Blue Flame, Kate Trick Eyes BU-1 & GD-1

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly 08

Mascaras: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express & XXL Extensions

Why I used two?? Each one serves different purposes. I always use XXL's primer as a base and its mascara together. This mascara instantly lengthens all my lashes but it may smudge. The Colossal one is a gift from a friend, so I just use on the top to lengthen my lashes further and it doesn't smudge.

MAC PearlGlide Eye liner in Rave. It's a deep purple with purple shimmers on it. Pretty cool.

Kate Eye Pencil - BR-2. This pencil is very fine but I kinda like it because it gradually builds up the color and doesn't create harsh lines.It's retractable, too. 

Steps I did with my eyelid:

1) GD-1 base color all over my eyelid
2) I put the color from the bottom left of GD-1 on my brow bone area.
3) Eye Jelly is placed on the bottom 1/3 of my eye lid. Just spread it evenly.
4) Mac Blue Frame is placed on top of the eye jelly. This color is cool but it doesn't tend to stay if you don't use something cream based to hold it.
5) Bottom lash line: I mixed the two colors from Kate Trick Eyes BU-1.
6)Eye line: I used MAC Rave to fill in between my lashes. I didn't line my eyes above the lashes... kinda lazy to do that but the false eyelashes I used would make my eyes look like I have eyeliner on.
7) Put on false eyelashes; then mascaras.
8) Fill my brows.

Final look... looks alright, right?


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