Saturday, October 16, 2010

Integrate GY905

Integrate is another drugstore product line from Shiseido and available in Asia. I got this new Integrate GY905 from a gal on ebay who shipped from Taiwan. The cost of this is $19. I thought the pricing is alright. In TW, it costs NTD $390 at retail, so roughly $12. Exchange rate is pretty bad now with the weak US dollar, so you really have to do the research in order to get a good deal. The whole product line contains 9 different color palettes; 5 colors in each palette and the packaging is pretty cute. The product contains 3.5g of eye shadows, which is not a lot. But it will take a long time to see the pan, at least for me. I like the pigmentation and the shimmer in this palette. NARS eye shadow primer is a must on my eye lids now as it holds up everything. So, honestly I don't know how well it stays up without the primer. But I read from some of the Chinese blogs and they commented the staying power is pretty good. Another thing is its sponge tip applicator is pretty high quality. I really like this palette coz it's rare to find a nice gray shimmery eye shadow that stays. I'm also eyeing on BR 701 but will wait until my return to Asia in a few months.

Here's a swatch. Isn't that pretty?


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