Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette

Holiday season is here and it's a great time to shop. But we need to be smart about our spending and best use of our resources. After careful consideration, I got this Dior makeup palette during Sephora's Friends and Family 20% off sale a little while ago. Regular retail price is $75. The package is very pretty with red patent material. Size is about 4"x 5 1/4" x 1 1/4". It has a zipper closure. I don't like holiday palettes that use heavy duty paper packaging or the ones with bulky package. I know the ones like Too Faced or Smashbox or Tarte make a great holiday set because of the range of colors and variety of shadows but I don't want things to take up too much space and it's difficult to store. That's why I find this Dior palette more appealing because it makes a good travel size kit and pretty compact.

When it opens up, there's a heavy plastic cover and 2 eyeshadow sponge tip applicators are placed on the top.

 After you remove the plastic film, there are 6 eye shadows, a DiorBlush in 950, a DiorSkin Forever compact powder in 030, a DiorShow Extase mascara (4ml), and an Ultra Gloss in Flash 662 lip gloss (4ml). The mascara, lip gloss, and compact powder are yet to try. The gloss reminds me of Flash 686 but this has more red to it. The 6 eye shadows can be easily mixed for day and night. I've used this shadow a number of times and they are easy to apply and blend and the quality is no different than their regular shadow palette, which is a good thing. I notice some other brands may compromise their holiday collection with cheaper packaging and use a different location to produce their holiday palette to keep the cost down. And at times, the quality of the shadows are compromised.

Here's a swatch. I don't know if you can tell I've put the powder on the far left because it almost blend in with my skin. LOL. I may use that for touch up but haven't tried it on my face yet. The blush on the far right as labeled. The blush is a light pinkish color and gives your cheek a light glow and not too overwhelming. If you use the shadows in this palette, especially if you use darker shades for a more dramatic look, you probably don't want your cheeks to be too pink. Overall, I think this is a great buy.


MINAKICHU said...[Reply to comment]

wow this is a gorgeous palette, it would be great for travelling:-)

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