Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swatches: Revlon Starry Pink Nail Polish

Revlon is my favorite drugstore nail polish. Their formula is not too thick and the consistency is good and does not chip easily. They have 3 new nail polishes with big and small glitters and I got Starry Pink. It's a light sheer pink polish with small and big glitters.
It's quite an interesting combination because glitters are usually used with clear nail polish and not sheer or more opaque kind. 
I put two coats on and not too thick because I'm afraid it will be a pain to take them off. I like how this polish look on my nails but it can be such a hassle to remove them. This color is very unique and compliments my skin tone.

I had this nail polish on for about 5 days and took them off. It was quite difficult to take them off with Sally's nail polish remover (blue bottle). I then switched to Butter London nail polish remover and it was much easier to remove. I hate the smell of Butter London's nail polish remover but it performs pretty well... Anyways, the key to remove glittery nail polish is to soak up a cotton pad and leave it on your nails for about 10 sec, then gently rub them off. If you rub back and forth your nails many times, it may damage the top layer of your nails. Hope this helps.


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