Sunday, December 25, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté 'Rock 'n' Romance' Mini Nail Lacquer Set

Merry Christmas!! Wish you enjoy a good time with friends and family!

I got this Le Métier de Beauté 'Rock 'n' Romance' mini nail polish set from Nordstrom for $25. It's probably the most expensive nail polish set I've spent based on the amount of product I get. Regular price for a mini polish is $10 and so $25 for 4 nail polish is considered a deal and this set is exclusive to Nordstrom.
Here's the description taken from Nordstrom's website:
  • Heat of the Night: a passionate black cherry
  • Midnight Rendezvous: a shimmery, steely midnight blue
  • Chrome Passion: a chocolate charcoal with sultry shimmer
  • True Romance: a delicate pale rose with a subtle metallic nude finish

    Depending on the lighting, the colors may vary.
    Heat of the Night can look as dark as black but it has some hints of red and shimmers. It looks more red in the bottle but when you apply, it's an intense dark red color. Midnight Rendezvous is gorgeous and I don't own a blue like this and like it. And Chrome Passion is a charcoal grey color with holographic effects.

    True Romance is pretty much a light gold color and it's not anything special. The color may vary depending on the lighting. But the other three are unique in their own way. The consistency is rather thick compared to OPI or Butter London. Drying time takes longer than my other nail polishes but they are much more opaque. I would still apply 2 coats to achieve the best result. And here's a pic of me wearing Chrome Passion:


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