Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty Maker AquaEye Concealer

I have tried Bobbi Brown's concealers like Eye Brightener (light), Face Touch Up Stick (Sand), and Creamy Concealer. I'm currently still using their eye brightener and touch up stick. Too bad the Touch up stick cannot be used for the under eye area because it contains clay that may dry up your skin. Otherwise, that will be perfect for me. It's very convenient.

BeautyMaker AquaEye concealer is made in Taiwan and has 3 shades. The product line is targeted to the Taiwan market mainly but you can find this concealer on several websites for less than $14. Inside the box, there's a white pamphlet printed in Chinese about the whole product line. Here's the description of the product: "it's developed specifically for use under and around the eye area. The ingredients help counteract shadows, reduce redness, hide dark circles and other imperfections and give skin a more even tone. Long-lasting coverage builds from moderate to full."

One interesting thing I found was the ingredients listed on the box and the back of the actual product are inconsistent. Perhaps I don't quite understand the chemical terms listed at the back to tell whether it's inaccurate or what. And the expiration dates are different (36 months vs 24 months). Well, you probably will finish this 3 grams of concealer up in less than 2 years. ;) I would throw away after a year or so for sanitary reasons.
In terms of the texture and consistency, it's not as thick as the Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer. I don't use my finger to pad onto my undereye area and use a concealer brush instead. It's easy to put it on and as you dab, it becomes dry and turns into a powder form. I find that quite interesting. You don't really need  powder to keep it on. Because it's slightly dry after you put it on, I don't recommend using this if your under eye area already have developed fine dry lines. Coverage is pretty good though, see before and after pics for a comparison. Btw, that's a mosquito bite mark that lasts over a month.


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