Monday, September 7, 2009

Lunasol Lighting For Eyes 03

I have heard a lot of good things about Kanebo Lunasol eye shadows. It costs quite a bit to ship from Asia to the US, and so I don't feel like purchasing it at all. The average price on the web may cost from $45 to over $60. Bobodave had this item on sale earlier with free shipping, so I ordered it right away.

The palette itself is quite natural. Each shade has sheer shimmer on it. If you use just the top two colors (1&2), it probably won't show much other than people will see you have something on. The bottom left shade (3) has some purple sparkles and can be used for smoky eyes or just a liner. The bottom right (4) silver color is very sparkly. You can dab a bit over your lid or use to line the inner corners of your eyes. Keep in mind the sparkles are quite big; you don't wanna put too much.

Here's a swatch for your reference:

In terms of the texture, I like it because it's quite silky and smooth. I would prime my eye lids and this palette will stay on most of the day.


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