Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kanebo Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 05

Star Shower Eyes is Kanebo Lunasol's new Fall 2009 collection. There are 5 palettes and I picked the neutral color 05 - Close of Night. Many reviewers picked 03 or 04. 03 is a blue and green palette and I would buy it just by looking at the other people's reviews. But I'm not a fan of blue color eye palette. I've purchased a few but they don't seem to look right on me... My friend picked this up for me from Hong Kong. If you purchase it online, it can range from $49 to $67.  The packaging is the same as the other Lunasol palettes, nothing special. Inside the box, the palette is wrapped with a styrofoam to protect the palette. Good for me who depend on mail orders.;)

The palette is pretty shimmery. Let's take a look at the swatches:

(1) is an orange base color. It reminds me of the orange base color in the Estee Lauder's Caramel Truffle palette. Lunasol has all the sparkles and the orange color is slightly brighter. See there's a star logo on the upper left corner. I will just let it stay there. ;)
(2) is a white golden frosty shimmer and can be used for highlight your brow bone area. I like to put a little bit of this in the middle of my eye lid.
(3) I mix this along with (4). (4) is a darker color and when the two mix together, the color looks more like a dark olive green. Pretty interesting.

Overall, I think this palette is pretty versatile. The sparkles in this palette are very nice... I love it!


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