Monday, September 7, 2009

Beauty Package

My best friend helped me got a few things from Hong Kong. Here they are:

  1. A Koji Makeup Mascara Protector Comb. Got this only because to qualify for free shipping to my friend's place. Will figure out how to use that later. The comb is sort of wide. I hope I don't poke my eyes.
  2. Beauty Maker Aqua Eye Concealer - Bright (lightest shade).
  3. Kanebo Lunasol Star Shower Eyes 05 - Close of Night
  4. Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color 08
  5. Coffret D'or GY-37
  6. Coffret D'or GY-45
  7. Sasa nail sticker
Out of all the stuffs I got, I like Jill Stuart jelly eye color the best. The Lunasol palette is quite good because of its earthy tone. Will review some of them individually later...


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