Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush - 20 Rose Petal & 25 Peach Satin

Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I own a few Maybelline products and am currently loving their dream blushes. I got Peach Satin and Rose Petal a few months ago when Walgreens had 40% off.
They are in glass jars and not flimsy plastic containers.
I only picked Rose Petal and Peach Satin coz they are in lighter shades. The other shades are a bit too dark for me. I use my finger to apply. The mousse feels a bit bouncy; kinda similar to the Jill Stuart eye jelly. It's very soft and easy to blend. I only dab a little and then blend over my cheek area.

Here's a swatch for you. I blended them out to reflect how it would normally look on my cheek.
If you are looking for an affordable blush, this maybe it. ;)


Rainy Days and Lattes said...[Reply to comment]

I love Peach Satin! i have it at home, although I hardly use it :p

Glitz Glam Budget said...[Reply to comment]

I have this in Whipped Strawberry #30 and I love it!!! It's super pigmented so a little goes a long way!

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